We work with investors to support growth in communities across Canada.

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Canada consistently ranks among the safest and most stable countries in the world. Our people and communities are recognized for being welcoming, warm, diverse and open. In 2019, Invest in Canada worked closely with partners Canada-wide to showcase these strengths – and the benefits of investing in communities both large and small to foreign investors.

Foreign investors choose to make long-term investments here because our communities offer a skilled workforce, stable investment conditions, great quality of life and affordable cost of doing business. In turn, foreign investment translates into economic growth, jobs and stability for Canadian communities.

Foreign companies announced a total of 629 new investment projects and deals in Canada. Of this total, 353 foreign investment projects were projected to create approximately 22 600 jobs in cities and towns across the country. These include Innogy’s plans to build two solar projects in southern Alberta, Netflix’s planned production hub in Toronto and a $208 million tidal energy project in Nova Scotia.

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Air Liquide

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