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Investment in Canada spurs innovation and economic growth

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Canada’s adventurous, innovative spirit has long fueled economic growth and prosperity for Canadians. From our early roots as a trading nation to our position as an important competitor on the global stage, we have cemented our reputation as a top foreign investment choice. Our highly educated workforce, thriving innovation ecosystem, and access to the world’s biggest markets are among the many reasons investors choose Canada.

For Canadians, the benefits are many. Foreign direct investment creates tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs each year. With it, our local economies grow and thrive. International investment also brings new technologies, opportunities and best practices, which make Canadian operations more productive, increase our competitiveness and connect us globally.

At Invest in Canada, our role is to share Canada’s story with the world. We make it our mission to work with investors so they can establish or expand operations here – quickly and efficiently. We tailor our services to the needs of each investor, presenting them with market intelligence on Canadian sectors and communities to help them find the right fit.

We point investors to the right programs and services, such as tax credits for innovation or the Global Skills Strategy, which helps companies recruit skilled foreign workers more quickly. We actively build strategic partnerships with key contacts and decision-makers, uncover opportunities and streamline processes to help investors put their Canadian growth plans into action. It’s a formula that benefits investors and Canadians alike.

Invest in Canada’s FDI Report 2019 tells the story of foreign direct investment activity in Canada. It highlights how we’re working to promote and attract new and ongoing foreign investment.

Although 2019 was a strong year for foreign direct investment in Canada, we recognize that the global economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will bring significant challenges. Continuing to attract global companies will be key to Canada’s economic recovery.

As you explore the stories in this report, you will meet the people investing in our country, hear how Canadians are reaping the benefits, and understand why we are convinced that foreign direct investment will play a key role in ensuring strong, sustainable growth for Canada’s future.

Ian McKay, CEO
Invest in Canada
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