Through the collective efforts of many, foreign direct investment in Canada reached $67.2 billion in 2019, creating jobs and making us more competitive on an international scale.

Invest in Canada is Canada’s investment attraction and promotion agency. Our FDI Report 2019 offers important insights onto foreign direct investment in Canada and tells the story of what investment means to Canada and Canadians.

Foreign investment in Canada creates jobs, promotes growth and fuels innovation. It provides new capital to support economic development across Canada – from our large urban centres to small rural communities. By investing in Canada, global companies gain access to a highly skilled workforce, innovative technologies, and strong, diverse communities. The results offer clear confirmation that Canada is competitive on the global stage and is emerging as one of the world’s top investment destinations.

Invest in Canada connects investors to the resources, contacts and government programs they need to succeed, ensuring growth, prosperity and stability for all Canadians. Partnerships are critical to this work. We are developing a municipal, provincial and federal network across Canada and abroad that will enable us to compile data, conduct research and collect the information needed to support global companies as they invest in Canada.

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